Trends: Wedding Invitations 2020

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Wedding Invitation 2020 Trends

Feeling a bit lost in your search for the perfect invitations? We’ve made it easy for you! See out our top 5 picks below.

Illustrated Wedding Venue

Fist up is the featured wedding venue illustration. This is a lovely way to capture your venue, with many couples getting large prints of the drawing to keep as a memory of their big day. We are absolutely in love with our Olivia Wedding Invitation which can be customised by venue.

Custom Wax Seals

Such a luxurious touch, wax seals are fast becoming a popular choice with couples. Whether picking out a design that goes with their theme or having their initials engraved, wax seals are indeed a beautiful touch.

Personalised Logo

A personalised logo adds a classic, timeless feel to invitations, with our Eve Wedding Invitations being our most popular invitation by far. It’s easy to see why.


Flowers and weddings pretty much go hand in hand, and is our beautiful beautiful Poppy Wedding Invitations. These invitations feature hand painted peonies and can be colour matched to your wedding theme.. swoon!

Vellum Paper


And lastly, vellum paper as a trend is not going anywhere soon. This paper lends itself well to menu cards especially for a refreshingly modern touch to the more traditional afters.

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Laura Pakenham